Alibaba’s new headquarters in Beijing has been officially put into use: the number of coffee and milk tea shops are countless, and there is also a giant slide spanning four floors.

Alibaba Group’s new headquarters in Beijing, located in the Chaoyang Science Park, officially commenced operations on May 10th.

As a key project of Beijing city, this park will house nearly 19,000 digital economic talents from Alibaba in the future.

The new park covers approximately 124,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 470,000 square meters, consisting of 12 individual buildings designed around the core concept of interconnectivity.

The park boasts a rich array of commercial amenities, featuring numerous coffee and milk tea brands such as MStand, HeyTea, Tea King, Luckin Coffee, as well as well-known restaurant chains like McDonald’s and Little Pear Soup.

In addition to dining options, the park includes leisure and entertainment facilities like massage and nail salons, a gym, a street dance room, a Pilates room, badminton courts, and a basketball court.

A particularly notable feature is the four-story-high slide located in the entertainment office area of Zone B, which has become a landmark attraction within the park.

Moreover, the design of Alibaba’s new Beijing park also integrates distinctive Beijing cultural elements, such as the Siheyuan-style central courtyard called Yixuan and meeting rooms named after the “Eight Scenic Spots of Yanjing,” showcasing Beijing’s cultural heritage.