Singapore Airlines’ Boeing 777 aircraft made an emergency landing at Bangkok Airport: resulting in 2 death and 30 injuries.

Update: The death toll has risen to 2.

Fast Technology News on May 21, breaking news! According to overseas media reports, Singapore Airlines Flight SQ321 en route from London to Singapore encountered severe turbulence, and the aircraft made an emergency landing at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, resulting in 1 death and 30 injuries.

It is reported that the flight took off from London Heathrow Airport to Singapore Changi Airport, and was originally scheduled to land at 6:10 pm local time.

However, during the flight, the aircraft encountered severe turbulence and had to make an emergency landing at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand. Before landing, the aircraft had already issued the emergency transponder code 7700 (Note: This code indicates an emergency situation such as mechanical failure or sudden illness of passengers on board).

The involved aircraft is a Boeing 777-300 model, which has been in service for 16 years. According to the aviation enthusiast website Planespotters, this aircraft has been part of the Singapore Airlines fleet since February 2008.

The report also pointed out that at 3:45 pm local time yesterday, there were extreme tropical thunderstorms in Thailand and the surrounding areas. As for the cause of the casualties, it is speculated that passengers did not fasten their seat belts during the flight, and the severe turbulence caused too much shaking, leading to the injuries.