Zhang Yimou’s version of “The Three-Body Problem” has no upper limit on investment: it only seeks the best results.

Chairman of Enlight Media, Wang Changtian, responded to the development issues of the film adaptation of “The Three-Body Problem” at the “Potential and Imagination of Global Diversified Development of IP” roundtable forum of the Shanghai International Film Festival. He stated, “Respect the original work, respect the director,” and the overall principle of investment is that there is no upper limit, with the hope of achieving the best results.

The film has confirmed Zhang Yimou as the director.

Wang Changtian said that “The Three-Body Problem” is currently in the script stage, and the main creative team members, apart from the director and screenwriter, are being selected worldwide. The adaptation of the film version is very challenging, and while they will respect the original work, there will inevitably be choices to be made. Therefore, they are aware that they cannot please everyone and are prepared to withstand criticism.

He revealed that Zhang Yimou was approached to direct the “Three-Body Problem” film a few years ago, but he did not accept at that time.

Wang Changtian also stated that apart from respecting the original work and the director, everything else about the film is open. The overall principle of investment is that there is no upper limit; whatever the investment needed, it will be provided. They do not wish to be constrained and hope to create the best version of “The Three-Body Problem,” living up to everyone’s expectations.