The Changzheng 3B (CZ-3B) rocket launched the Smart Satellite Network No. 1-01 star: China’s first medium Earth orbit broadband communication satellite.

At 9:43 AM on May 9th, at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, the Long March 3B carrier rocket successfully launched the Smart Sky Network No. 1-01 (A/B) satellite and smoothly sent it into the predetermined orbit.

The Smart Sky Network No. 1-01 (A/B) is the first satellite of the Smart Sky Network Innovation Project, which includes the technical verification A satellite and the B satellite for testing, and it is also China’s first medium Earth orbit broadband communication satellite.

After entering orbit, it will carry out typical application demonstrations such as direct connection with scientific research data from Antarctic research stations and real-time data return from low Earth orbit satellites, laying the foundation for building a space network innovation experimental platform and exploring the application model of the “Smart Sky Network” in various industries.

In this launch mission, the Long March 3B rocket used the Ka band space-based measurement subsystem for the first time, which has a higher bandwidth compared to the previous S band and can achieve high-speed data transmission, thereby improving the adaptability of the rocket launch mission.

This launch marked the 521st flight of the Long March series of carrier rockets.