Three people in Nanchang fell and died due to strong winds. Decoration and balcony sealing may encounter strong winds or hidden dangers

On March 31st, around 3 a.m., three people tragically fell to their deaths from a residential building in Nanchang due to a sudden outbreak of severe convective weather, including heavy rain, intense thunder and lightning, and storm-force winds. The incident occurred in the Weimeng Qingshuiwan community and has raised concerns about the safety of balconies and windows during strong winds, especially those that have been renovated or sealed by homeowners.

Local police are currently investigating whether the incident involved any issues with the building’s construction quality. It was observed that many of the ground-floor windows in the affected community were blown out by the strong winds. An engineer noted that window installation typically has three key performance indicators: water tightness, air tightness, and wind pressure resistance. When renovating windows and doors, it is crucial to follow the standard specifications. Many homeowners prefer to seal their balconies or convert them into full (floor-to-ceiling windows), which may offer a better view and more space, but these can pose significant risks during strong winds.

The incident involved a family living on the 11th floor of Building 3 in the Linfeng Xiangge (a building within the Weimeng Qingshuiwan community). The 60-year-old female victim, Wan, was found on the ground below after the glass on her balcony and a floor-to-ceiling window in a small room were blown out by the wind. Her husband, who was sleeping in another room, woke up due to the strong winds and discovered her absence when he went to check on her.

Additionally, a grandfather and his grandson, who lived on the 20th floor directly above the family, were also victims of the tragedy. The windows in their living room and bedroom were blown out, and both the 64-year-old mother and her 11-year-old son were不幸身亡 (deceased) after being blown out of the building.

The community’s property management staff stated that the accident was a natural disaster and that the window frames on the balconies were installed by the homeowners themselves. They are currently assessing the damage and will report to the relevant government departments.

Industry insiders have emphasized that there are standards for the wind load on doors and windows, and not all glass is suitable for large widths. When facing strong winds, there may be safety hazards associated with the self-enclosed door and window systems installed by homeowners during renovations. It is important to be aware of these risks and to adhere to the relevant standards and regulations.

Meteorological experts have indicated that the strongest winds in this convective weather event exceeded level 12, which is equivalent to the landfall of a severe typhoon. The extreme weather on March 31st in Nanchang resulted in 2,783 instances of lightning and winds above level 8 at 58 stations (more than half of the city’s observation stations), with 13 meteorological observation stations recording winds that broke historical records. The largest wind speed, 35.3 meters per second (level 12), was recorded at Tangnan Hongxing Station in Nanchang County.

It is important for residents and those involved in home renovations to strictly follow the relevant standards and regulations to ensure safety, especially in areas prone to strong winds and severe weather events.