The largest single unit in the world! China has built a giant photovoltaic power station for Saudi Arabia, which can generate 282.2 billion kWh of electricity over 35 years.

In the desert 80 kilometers south of Jeddah City in southwest Saudi Arabia, the Al Shuqaiq photovoltaic power station is under intense construction.

The project covers an area of 52.54 square kilometers and employs the world’s most advanced N-type bifacial photovoltaic modules and single-axis automatic tracking brackets, with an installed capacity of 2.6GW (2,600 megawatts), making it the largest single-unit photovoltaic power station project under construction globally.

The largest single unit globally! China has built a giant photovoltaic power station for Saudi Arabia, as photographed by the Jilin-1 satellite, among others.

Upon completion, it is estimated that the total electricity generation over 35 years will reach approximately 282.2 billion kilowatt-hours, which equates to a reduction of nearly 245 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

According to the plan, the first phase with a capacity of 600MW will start trial operation and grid connection on July 31, with the entire project scheduled for completion by November 30, 2025.

The person in charge of the Chinese side of the project said: “Under the ‘Vision 2030’, Saudi Arabia is fully committed to developing economic diversification, promoting energy transformation, and jointly building the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative. The alignment with Saudi Arabia’s development strategy continues to turn the vision of common development into reality. We are fully committed to making the Al Shuqaiq photovoltaic power station project a landmark overseas photovoltaic project for Energy China.”