The viral claim about a “Batman-like ground flight” on the Shanghai elevated road? Verified: The incident actually occurred in Jinan.

A viral video circulating on April 11 claimed that a “Batman-like” incident occurred on a Shanghai elevated road, where a person was seen lying on a skateboard and moving faster than the adjacent cars.

However, upon verification with the Shanghai Traffic Police Detachment, it was confirmed that no such incident took place on the Shanghai elevated road.

At 5:36 PM on the same day, Jinan Traffic Police acknowledged the incident through their official Weibo account, stating: “On April 11, a video posted by a netizen showed a man using a skateboard on the Beiyuan Elevated Road. Upon receiving the report, the Urban Elevated Road Brigade promptly launched an investigation and quickly apprehended the individual involved in the illegal behavior shown in the video. Currently, further investigation and processing are underway.”